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Jess Parizek

Star Consultant


My Story

I joined Scentsy in May 2011; kind of on a whim. I was a fan of how safe it was [seizures + flames = potential disaster] and I thought if anything I'd get nearly $250 in product for $99. It turns out that the opportunity was so much more than warmers and wax. 

While it has helped financially, it's not about the income so much as the friendships. I've met some of my closest friends thanks to Scentsy, from all over the US [and the world, really]! I am proud to be a small town girl from Iowa, but being a part of Scentsy, I get to share that with so many others!

I never thought I'd be doing this all these years later, but it's one of the best things that happened! It's the most fun "job" I've ever had. I enjoy helping my teammates grow their own businesses; and helping my customers earn free and half price items to make their house / office / vehicle / laundry and self smell good! My dreams are big, but I'm not afraid to work hard and chase them. You should join me, I'll be glad to help you get on your way to making your dreams come true, too.

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